Once upon a time, Cherry and Cookie…

I’d love to share with you my two lovely babies  Cherry and Cookie:)

2013-03-30 09.07.08

Cherry is the older one. I got her for my birthday from my friend two years ago. She came in just when we had some bad news at that time and she was able to bring a smile on our face 😛  She’s usually the pampered one; jumping on the couch, sleeping on my bed, and staring at us with her huge eyes when we were eating. She eats almost everything!!

Here’s a picture of the pampered lady 🙂


Cookie is another dog that I got from the same friend a year after I received Cherry as a birthday gift. She called me a morning asking if I was willing to take care of Cookie. I accepted as I’ve been wanting for a while to look for a friend for Cherry. So, when he first came to my house, he was so afraid. He was always staying in this box, unwilling to get out. He had never been groomed so it was a nightmare to trim all his tangled hairs. He was so thin but my mother kept saying all she needed was a month to get him big and healthy. Unlike Cherry, I got Cookie when he was about 6 months. It was difficult for him to get accustomed to us. Even Cherry was very aggressive with him. So he was sleeping in my room, followed me all day when I was at home and loved when I took the brush to untangle his hairs. It took some time for Cookie to get used to us but now it is much better. He still has his old habits, I don’t know why. Sometimes, he just let out a cry when he sees us lifting a foot to get out, thinking that we might be trying to kick him when we are not. Have you encountered this situation ? How did you do to reassure your pets ? I don’t know what the past owners did to him but it seems that he never forgot it.

Here’s my lovely Cookie :




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